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Ethereal echoes form a tapestry of sound and entwine the halls where PETRA hits the stage. She’s known as “New York’s Pop Darling” and has been lauded for her “electrifying persona,” however her canon of songs, much like a diary of her life, showcases a multitude of genres ranging from old rock to straight up pop and a deep understanding of the art of sound.  

8:10:2019 1.jpg

With guitar in tow, PETRA has been all over the world, headlining shows in New York (Webster Hall, Knitting Factory), Boston (Hard Rock Cafe @ the Cavern Club), Los Angeles (The Mint), Tokyo (Mona Records), and Osaka (Hard Rock at Universal City Walk, Kansai Music Festival) as well as a tour with Drake Bell for High School Nation.

PETRA has collaborated with D'Addario Strings, Evans Drumheads, Promark and Roland, who provided her with top of the line equipment while touring in Japan. A Guitar Center Artist of Summer 2017, she participated in a national advertising campaign, hosted a behind-the-scenes tour diary on Snapchat and an Instagram Takeover for the Inaugural Women That Rock show, bringing in nearly 48.8k viewers.

This year, she’s releasing a new album this year, Dancing Without You, which captures the growth one gets from grieving a loss. So far, she has released the first three lead singles; “Into the Sun,” “Dancing Without You and “Luckboy.” Her knack for songwriting has been praised for “showcasing her artistic insight” and tactfully combining “all the nutrients for Indie-Pop hits.”

The album is a dedication to her late father who she lost to stage iv lung cancer just two months after his diagnosis. The nine-track debut album is a culmination of her three past years without him and how she has learned to live out her dreams. PETRA is ready to showcase her next chapter of sound- so get ready.






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