New ecological concrete sheet pile

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New ecological concrete sheet pile

Product features:

1、 Low cost, resource saving

Ecological sheet pile has high comprehensive performance of bending resistance, shear resistance and compression resistance, and can effectively save the dosage of sand, stone and cement, thus realizing low cost and optimal utilization of resources.

2、 Ecological and hydrophilic

The ecological sheet pile is combined with the different river environment,  in which can set fish and shrimp nesting holes at the bottom of the riverbed from one meter to the tidal level, so that the  environment  can still maintain the original ecological balance.

3、 High strength, high production capacity

The strength grade of ecological sheet pile is C60 or C80(special), using the technique of pre-tensioned method , steamed with mold curing, so it has the advantage of high demoulding strength, short production cycle, high productivity, and good quality.

4、 Compared with other ordinary concrete sheet piles and steel sheet piles, ecological sheet piles are prefabricated with high performance and high strength concrete. So it has the character of  better durability, strong impermeability and corrosion resistance, one-time molding during construction, long service life and low maintenance cost.


1. With large isolation area and low comprehensive cost, the horizontal isolation width of ecological sheet pile is 1 meter, much larger than that of traditional sheet  pile and other common precast pile products.

2. It has excellent mechanical performance and beautiful cross section.The ecological sheet pile adopts unique design, it has the advantage of good bending resistance, the shear resistance performance. The unique section is stitched together,so it has good aesthetic effect.

3. The construction period is short and the construction technology is easy.It  has short production cycle. It only need 10 hours to finishing production. using mechanized construction method,  compared with the traditional methods, which can obviously improve the construction speed, guarantee the construction quality, according to the geological conditions of construction site.we can use hammer-hitting method,  pile-vibration method and other construction methods, it also  can use high pressure water injection, mechanical hole planting pile and other auxiliary technology.It can adapt to different geological conditions.

4. The ecological sheet pile is made of high strength concrete. Compared with other ordinary concrete  pile and steel sheet pile, it has better durability, which can completely meet the design requirements in different engineering application fields.

5. The rubber water-isolation bars are installed between adjacent piles, so it has better water-isolation effect.

6. We have different kinds of ecological sheet piles and the engineering design is flexible. According to the requirements of engineering mechanical performance, we can choose sheet piles with different section height, with different quantity of bars and different pile length. so as to achieve the optimization of interface structure and maximize economic benefits.

7. The application engineering field is wide. The ecological sheet piles can be widely used in inland river and lake shore protection and reinforcement of the system, port wharf engineering, Marine engineering, river flood control and mitigation, and emergency dam engineering, irrigation and water conservancy construction, highway road, bridge culvert subgrade slope protection against soil slope protection soil retaining and bearing, the urban construction of foundation pit retaining and as a permanent underground continuous wall, and other areas of the project.


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