The technology center of Fujian Dadi Concrete Pile Co., Ltd won the honor of “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center” in 2014,.It is responsible for technology research  and quality management.

The technology center is committed to the innovation and development in the field of precast concrete piles, with strong technical research and development capabilities and excellent research and development team. It is equipped with more than 150 sets of advanced testing equipment, and more than  60  technicians. We have set up expert workstations, including 2 model workers, 2 senior engineers and 4  experts.  At the same time, the technology center has carried out research cooperation with many universities to continuously improve the innovation ability of our company. At present, it has more than 80 patents, and participated in the compilation of 13 national standards, industry standards and local standards.

The Technology Center leads the company in the forefront of the industry through its technological innovation capability.The company has developed high-tech products and technology with intellectual property rights by ourselves, such as prestressed concrete pile with sharp head", "corrosion-resistant pipe pile", "ecological sheet pile", "residual steam recovery system of autoclave", and "corrosion-resistant prestressed concrete pipe pile " has won the third prize of Fuzhou Science and Technology Progress Award.