First of all, I would like to extend my warm welcome to all of you and thank you for choosing us. It is my great honor to have you here to strive for the development of Dadi with us. I  firmly believe that we will become good colleagues and partners with each other.

Dadi is as much as a boat that is fully loaded with the benefits and aspirations concerning every member here and that could definitely sail nowhere without the very drive of you. While  all of us are in the middle of the sustainable development of the company, I still hope that you could bear them in mind that, as a member of us, my fellow, how you act and what you   remark just stands for the whole company, moreover, everything you do in your position is directly linked to the future of Dadi.

We attach importance to practical and prudent operation, value brand building and concentrate on fabricating the reliable concrete piles for our clients, all of which are thoroughly  revealed in our slogan “Surefooted working for Dadi concrete pile”. Under the guidance of the slogan, we must treat our work in a detailed, meticulous, and down-to-earth manner.  “Exemplary role, Industrial pacesetter and Team happiness building” is as much the code of conduct, which should be reflected on from time to time and strictly complied with by  every member of us, as the operation philosophy of company, and it is bound to be fulfilled if with the concerted support of all of us.

Personnel are the first resources of the company. Holding that morality is of the paramount importance prior to attitude and ability, we thus bring up our employment principle-we  emphasize morality, observe attitude and weigh ability, that is to say, we set priority to morality and advocate honesty and integrity; we prefer the workers that are active, enterprising  and devoted; we welcome the practical and studious personnel that are good at exerting what they have learned on their work. Therefore, we not only require the members at all levels  to lay emphasis on the cultivation of staff quality, we provide adequate personal development opportunities for everyone when they are in the service of Dadi as well. Propelled by our  concerted efforts, the company is bound to be blessed by great promise and head into a more brilliant and prosperous future!

To end my speech, I wish you a pleasant life and good health in Dadi!

Fujian Dadi Concrete Pile Co., Ltd.

Yang Jinhui