Guitar Center Campaign

I’m super excited to say that my band and I launched a HUGE campaign with Guitar Center. How did this happen? Well, it’s kind of a funny story. 

Almost two weeks ago, I played a gig on Victoria Pike's rooftop. We got to play alongside some lovely musicians, (ended up accidentally breaking my Fender in the process but LULZ guess that's the ~rockstar~ lifestyle). I'm so happy Lavar Isaac took photos of the whole thing, cause it was quite the memorable night. I shared some Lavar’s awesome snaps on my social media, and after almost week of back and forth with the good folks from Guitar Center, this came out today. 

So if I can be completely honest, keep on playing rooftops in Brooklyn and breaking guitars (but not too often), take photos, dance your pretty hearts out with the ones you love, believe in yourself a hell of a lot, and hey, something cool could come out of it. Thank you to Guitar Center, especially the queen of my heart, Marilyn Moser, for this awesome opportunity. However, the biggest thank you goes to my band- Misia Vessio, Felix Jarrar, Alex Talarico and Gabriel Paiano for always having my back and supporting me endlessly (honestly, don't they look so freaking cool!?!?) 

Btw, you guys can help too! PLEASE make sure to like the original post on GC’s Facebook page/comment/share! If this does well, that’ll be more good news for the band. Thanks everyone. <3

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