Show Dates Announced!

How's is going, Glamour Babes?! The official show dates for my band and I's tour in Japan have been finalized. Here's what we have planned:

September 13th - Tokyo, Japan - Mona Records

September 14th - Osaka, Japan - Hard Rock Cafe at Universal City Walk

September 15th - Kyoto, Japan - Art House

September 17th - Kobe, Japan - IZNT Bar (Kansai Music Conference Showcase) 

We would like to  thank: 

- Duane Levi, founder of Shalestone Music and the Kansai Music Conference for helping us plan this tour over the past few months. You've been a wonderful friend to all of us. Thank you for sticking by our side!

D'Addario Asia for their support, and Roland for their equipment donations. Thank you for making our music sound so good!

- Our donors from our IndieGoGO campaign: Henrietta Audu, Thomas Blakeley, Colleen Coursault, Crisy Jarrar, Jia Justice, Can Kurban, Omar Melendez, Nicole & Kyle Orozovich, Gwendolyn White, and Aliya Zlotkin. You've believed in us since day one, thank you for believing us until the end.

- Our parents and siblings- especially my mother, Crisy Jarrar. Thank you being my mother, but the mother to my whole band. I will never be able to thank you enough in this lifetime for all you have done for me, time and time again. I love you! 

We have a lot of really great things lined up. This is only the beginning, so get EXCITED!