The Petra Jarrar Band's IndieGoGo Campaign Launches TODAY!

A few weeks ago, my band and I ended up hitting some major roadblocks in funding our tour. As a result, we are *officially* launching a campaign on IndieGoGo today to raise money- and we are asking everyone we know to help us!


Our band is looking to raise $10,000. I can admit, this figure is astronomical. However, I have always been determined to take on what seems most impossible and make it a reality. This tour has been a whirlwind already, and it has not even begun yet. This time last year, I spent my nights wandering in and out of dive bars throughout the city just hoping for someone to hear me, but I had very little luck. To think that now, I have a wonderfully talented band (shout out to Alaska, Matt, Aron and Justin) and we are going to be playing at a music festival in Osaka, and various art houses and stages throughout Japan. It is mind boggling to think about how much my work has evolved since last summer - however, in order to continue evolving my work and sharing it with a wider audience, I need your help.


What makes this tour even more special is that we are all independent musicians- none of us are backed by a label or investors. The entire tour has been put together entirely by us, and this is something we are completely proud of. Yet, when it comes to funding, we are left in a bit of a difficult situation, as the world isn't kind to ambitious and broke college students. The reason any of us took music lessons and went to conservatories in the first place was in hopes of getting to perform all over the world. We're in the home stretch of reaching this goal, but we need some support from you all to help get us to the finish line. We are all independent musicians that are not backed by a label. We organize all of our own performances and finance them. Any and all support is appreciated.


Please take a moment to visit our IndieGoGo campaign page. There, you will find a video with information about the tour and how to donate. The band and I have also put together some cute little perk packages for those who donate, so please make sure to check those out, too!


Even if you cannot donate, there is a TON of power in just SHARING the campaign. Please feel free to share this campaign on your social media (there's a bunch of lil' buttons on our campaign page where you can easily share information!) with friends and family. Thank you for taking the time to read this all, and please PLEASE help make #petrabandtakesjapan a reality.